Stellenbosch Umasipala

Verklaring deur Burgemeester Gesie van Deventer

28 November 2018

Die Stellenbosch Munisipaliteit het op 28 November 2018 sy jaarlikse veldtog vir die 16 Dae van Aktivisme teen Geweld teen Vroue en Kinders geloods op die Braak in die hartjie van Stellenbosch. Hierdie veldtog word jaarliks regoor die land gehou om ons daaraan te herinner dat geweld en misdaad teen veral vroue en kinders in Suid-Afrika steeds baie voorkom en dat dit nie ‘n probleem is wat vanself gaan verdwyn nie.

Geweld teen vroue en kinders is nie ʼn probleem wat uniek is tot ʼn spesifieke ekonomiese klas of kultuurgroep nie. Dit diskrimineer nie teen wit of swart, ryk of arm, gay of “straight” nie – dit is ʼn verskriklike en werklike probleem wat oral in ons samelewing voorkom. Alhoewel die veldtog jaarliks net gefokus is op 16 dae, is dit nie ‘n probleem wat beperk is tot ‘n sekere aantal dae nie. Dit is belangrik om ons daaraan te herinner dat die slagoffers van mishandeling en geweld elke dag saam met ons leef en werk.

Die Verenigde Nasies se tema vir hierdie jaar is “#HearMeToo” en fokus op die stories van slagoffers, wat so dikwels steeds geïgnoreer word of ligtelik deur selfs owerhede afgemaak word. In die Wes-Kaap fokus ons op “Count Me In”. Dit plaas die klem om die hele gemeenskap en verwys daarna dat die hele gemeenskap slagoffers van geweld is en daaraan blootgestel is, totdat ons almal saam staan en praat oor hierdie probleem.

Ek weet dat dit baie moeilik is om te erken dat u ʼn slagoffer is of selfs was, maar ek vra u asseblief, praat hieroor en kry hulp! Ek sal enige iemand wat my kontak hieroor probeer help en met streng vertroulikheid hanteer. Ons moet sterk standpunt inneem in ons gemeenskappe en help om ons vroue en kinders te beskerm en te beveilig teen geweld.
Dankie aan elke polisielid, nie-regeringsorganisasie en mediese beampte wat slagoffers van mishandeling en geweld met groot deernis en respek hanteer. Ons is afhanklik van u samewerking om geweld en mishandeling te stop.

As Burgemeester wil ek ‘n beroep op elke inwoner doen om asseblief nie hierdie vreeslike plaag te duld nie. Indien u bewus is van iemand wat mishandel word, meld dit asseblief aan. Dit is slegs wanneer ons die stilte en geheimhouding oor mishandeling en geweld gaan breek, dat ons die situasie sal kan verbeter.


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02 Oktober 2018



Die Stellenbosch Munisipaliteit is tans besig om sy watertariewe vir die huidige boekjaar te hersien om verbruikers te help. Dit volg na talle positiewe interaksies en vergaderings met inwoners en besighede regoor die munisipale gebied. Die hersiene tariewe en glyskale sal hierdie maand voor die Raad dien.

Adv. Gesie van Deventer
Executive Mayor of Stellenbosch Municipality
19 September 2018

The Stellenbosch Municipality is leaving no stone unturned in its pursuit to identify and preserve its rich and diverse heritage. Towards the end of 2015 the Municipality, through the Cape Winelands Professional Practices in Association (Pty) Ltd., launched a ground-breaking Heritage Project that seeks to identify, classify and map the full heritage of every corner of our landscape.

This in-depth mapping of our cultural and environmental heritage is the first of its kind in Africa and is considered to be one of only five similar studies worldwide. It will produce an advanced Heritage Inventory that identifies all heritage resources and measures their significance. The inventory will be a living document that can be expanded when required and will inform our Conservation Management Plan (CMP) to ensure compliance with the National Heritage Resources Act.

The value of our heritage resources has been highlighted repeatedly since 2009, when the Cape Winelands was placed on the UNESCO Tentative List of World Heritage Sites. It is also a major contributing factor to our local economy.

The Stellenbosch Municipal area is dotted with a wide array of sites that are of great cultural, environmental and historical significance. Diverse peoples have long inhabited these iconic valleys, each leaving their own mark on the landscape and on history – a history that must be preserved for future generations. Due to the complex evolution of our landscape over many centuries and the historical factors involved, a key to the Heritage Project method has been to devise ways of analysis and synthesis across ‘nature’ and ‘culture’ and at different scales of consideration.

The project is thus comprised of five phases:
• Phase 1: Concepts and Method;
• Phase 2: Survey and Draft Heritage Inventory;
• Phase 3: Report on the Draft Heritage Inventory;
• Phase 4: Draft Conservation Management Plan (CMP);
• Phase 5: Training of municipal staff.

Phases one, two and three have been successfully completed following public participation processes and the reports have been approved by Heritage Western Cape. Phase 3 produced a consolidated, interactive online map of all Heritage Resources, with links to detailed heritage significance sheets for every Landscape Unit, Townscape Unit as well as individual Heritage Sites and Structures. The reports were made public and were approved by Heritage Western Cape in May 2018. All reports and relevant documentation is available from the Stellenbosch Heritage Foundation’s website:

The CMP is the next phase of the project and maps out a process for the municipality to manage its heritage resources in a rational, systematic and practical way that will protect features of cultural significance, while ensuring that continued informed development of the cultural landscape can occur. It will assist municipal officials in their assessment of development applications, to ensure that their decisions recognise heritage significance and promote constructive action to maintain such significance. We look forward to receiving the inputs and proposals of our residents when the CMP is presented for public comment later this year. We invite the public to partner with us, ensuring that their perspectives of the cultural significance of the townscapes and landscapes are incorporated into the final plan.

Mayor van Deventer said “the Heritage Project shows that Stellenbosch is a Municipality that truly cares about its heritage. We have revolutionised the way that local governments view heritage preservation and believe that our approach will make us an example of national and international best practice. Our methods demonstrate our firm commitment to heritage conservation and the continued informed development of our shared cultural landscape.”


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Adv. Gesie van Deventer
11 September 2018

After careful consideration and following recommendations by Provincial and National Government, I am pleased to announce that water restrictions in our Municipality will be reduced from Level 6B to Level 5 from 1 October 2018.

The recent winter rains have helped our dams to recover and the Western Cape Water Supply System’s dams are now at a 68% capacity.

I would like to give special credit to our residents and businesses for their cooperation over the past few months. Thanks to the immense water saving efforts by our communities, water consumption was kept far below average, allowing our reservoirs to replenish faster and helping us to get through the drought together. I would like to thank each and every person who worked with us by sticking to the 50 litre per day rule. Your efforts have helped our region to cut water consumption so drastically that it is being talked about the world over.

We are however not out of the woods yet and residents must continue to save water. Under Level 5 water restrictions each person is allocated 70 litres per day instead of 50 litres. The use of municipal drinking water for gardens, water fountains, the topping up of swimming pools, hosing down of paved areas and washing of vehicles is still prohibited. For more details on what Level 5 water restrictions entail, please contact our Water Department on 021 808 8215 / 8953 / 8343 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It is important to note that water tariffs in our Municipality was capped on Level 4 water rates. This was done in order to shield our residents from higher water tariffs that accompany Level 5 and 6 restrictions. As a result, tariffs will remain unchanged until such time that we go below Level 4 restrictions.

We encourage residents to continue to work with us by using water sparingly.

Adv. Gesie van Deventer
07 September 2018

The new Groendal Library in Franschhoek is a state-of-the-art green building that will provide access and opportunity for learning to the Groendal community. It is also one of the first libraries in the province equipped with a visually impaired section.