Stellenbosch Umasipala

Ratings Afrika, at the end of 2012, evaluated Stellenbosch Municipality to be a “Very Highly

Sustainable” municipality. This is a highly rare accolade among South African municipalities.


The full Ratings Afrika definition that applies to the level “Very Highly Sustainable”, reads as follows:

“The municipality’s role clarity, infrastructure, service delivery and financial profile are such that its

sustainability in serving its residents and environment is very high. Stakeholders are assured beyond

reasonable doubt that their longterm interests are judged highly important in every case.”

The report further states that the Municipality has demonstrated sound governance practices. It was

also found that the quality of services (e.g. electricity, water, waste removal, sanitation and roads)

delivered by the Municipality is of a very high level.

Lastly, the Municipality has a strong financial position and well-planned and well-executed

budgetary processes that guide adequate funding of the operating and capital budgets.