Stellenbosch Umasipala

The executive mayor of Stellenbosch, Conrad Sidego thanked Parmalat and Woodmill Park for their contributions to the Stellenbosch Feeding Action programme. A ribbon cutting ceremony took place on Monday 13th of April 2015 to formally open the facility provided by Woodmill Park in Stellenbosch. Parmalat in Stellenbosch provided a cooling unit room for all donations received on a daily basis that is despatched to communities across Stellenbosch.

Liesel Koen, coordinator of the Stellenbosch Feeding Action welcomed the representative of Parmalat, Ms Zelrese Brair and Mr Chris Kruis of Woodmil (Steinhoff Office) and Feeding Action certifcates were handed over to the companies.

Photo: Mayor Sidego, Ms Zelrese Brair (Parmalat), Liesel Koen (Stellenbosch Feeding Action) cutting the ribbon to the new cooling facility.

The mayor highlighted that this is not just a corporate social responsibility initiative in the form of a cooling room and facilities but an action taken by Parmalat and Woodmill to help restore dignity to residents in Stellenbosch that don’t have food security. The Stellenbosch’s community have 28% food insecurity on a daily basis.

The cooling unit room assists the Feeding Action to preserve vegetables and fruit for longer periods and enables them to increase their standards in services provided to the community. Parmalat had also in 2014 assisted the Feeding Action to adapt the kitchen in the facility into an industrial standard kitchen.

The Feeding in Action is a non-profit organisation that provides meals and food supplies to nearly 5000 people each week. With the help of volunteers and donations of food and money, food is distributed at 35 strategic feeding points in the Broader Stellenbosch Municipal Area and support 25 community organisations

The Chilean poet and Nobel Prize winner, Pablo Neruda said, ‘For now, I ask no more than the justice of eating.’ This facility and equipment supports Stellenbosch Feeding action to better deliver to the hungry in Stellenbosch.

For further information you can contact Liesel Koen:

Tel: 071 322 0747

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