Stellenbosch Umasipala

The Executive Mayor of Stellenbosch attended a 110% Green high tea with the Premier of the Western Cape, Ms Helen Zille on the 10th of March 2015 at Leeuwenhof in Cape Town. The 110% Green initiative is in support of the Western Cape’s intent to position itself as the Green Economic Hub of Africa. The Western Cape Government aims to provide a platform that stimulates people and organisations to build an innovative and dynamic Green Economy. The hope is that organisations will pick up the flag and invest in ways that support green growth.

Stellenbosch Municipality is also committed to helping to make the vision of a green environment a reality for the winelands valley. It has started a range of initiatives such as the Million Trees Project which aims to create a green environment in all our communities. The project plants trees in the communities across the region adding to the dignified living goals of the municipality and also provides vegetables gardens and boxes to assist with food security and job creation.

There are over 30 organisations, businesses, NGOs and local governments that have signed the 110% Green flag to establish themselves as the innovators and entrepreneurs of the Green Economy. The 110% Green high tea was a special occasion to welcome and thank all that are participating in this initiative as well as a call to COMMIT to the Green Economy, to ACT on green commitments and to make an IMPACT. The Premier asked organisations to join her to lead by example and commit to flagship projects that support the growth of the Green Economy.

Mayor Sidego supports the 110% Green initiative and is working with the local Stellenbosch municipality’s environmental teams to take the Million Trees Project further. He made a new commitment of planting a further 50,000 trees.

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