Stellenbosch Umasipala

The Executive Mayor of Stellenbosch, Conrad Sidego will attend the opening of the Absolute Ablutions Container Unit (AACU) this week Wednesday, 18 February 2015 at Webersvalley Road, Jamestown, Stellenbosch. The US Consul General, Mr Teddy Taylor will host the event.

‘This event will showcase innovation in the field of a unit that is a totally self-sustained ablution facility that is easy to move, quick to set up and can treat sewerage on site..’ – Mayor Sidego.

The AACU, The Absolute Ablution Container is an advanced mobile ablution facility (toilets and showers) that incorporates U.S. technology with Stellenbosch design and innovation. Mayor Sidego will briefly address this event as it highlights innovation and partnerships that are taking place within Stellenbosch as the Innovation Capital of South Africa. ‘This is an US-South African partnership with a Stellenbosch company working on this innovation with international companies. Another proof that we are truly the Innovation Capital of South Africa.’

Representatives from the private and public sector, neighbouring municipalities, local government officials and diplomatic community will attend this session. The three companies that have been involved in the project are Zoeller Pump Company, Maskam and Absolute Ablutions.

Absolute Ablutions is a premier mobile toilet and ablution specialists in the world and as a manufacturer in Stellenbosch, employ 60 people as designers and artisans. Their innovative range of products have made it possible to deliver appropriate hygiene and ablutions in almost any circumstance. The AACU is developed to address the need for an autonomous ablution system which can process and recycle water for maximum efficiency before releasing semi- to fully processed waste into the environment. Maskam Water has worked with Absolute Ablutions to build a first of its kind, self-sustaining mobile ablution facility, including treatment of waste water and reusing it on site. Zoeller is a pump manufacturer that produces submersible pumps that are 100% factory-tested underwater for dependability.

The AACU is easy to set up, has a low operational cost and water is recycled and reused on site, part of that for toilet flushing. For further information see