Stellenbosch Municipality

VIER VENNOTE SPAN SAAM OM VEILIGE DORPE TE HANDHAAF. Die dorpe sluit in Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Klapmuts en Pniel.

Die Suid-Afrikaanse Polisiediens, Universiteit Stellenbosch, privaat sekuriteitsmaatskappye en die Stellenbosch Munisipaliteitspan saam om te verseker dat almal veiliger kan wees.


Die 60 effektiewe CCTV kameras word voor 30 Junie 2014 met R1,4 m se insette versterk.  Kern en warmpunte (hot spots) word voortdurend gemonitor.


Persoonlike bystand deur wetstoepassingsbeampte is altyd beskikbaar.  Kontak ons by 021-808 8890/8891.

Ons beplan om gereelde terugvoer te verskaf oor spesiale operasies en statistieke.

Kom ons neem hande om mekaar te help om die streek veiliger te maak.

The Stellenbosch Municipality extended its crime fighting partnerships on 16 May 2014 to include, private security companies and the South African Police Services. The signing of this special memorandum of cooperation to promote Stellenbosch as the safest town follows the signing of a similar agreement with the University of Stellenbosch on 9 May 2014. Wanting to be the safest valley is one of the Municipality’s key strategic goals together with preferred investment destination, dignified living, greenest municipality and good governance.

The cooperative agreement is entered into on the grounds of safety and security for the integrated despatch and use of operational staff, equipment and systems.

The Municipality and its partners are already committed to cooperation in different focus areas which includes cooperation between the various law enforcement and security agencies. Some have Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV), vehicles, manpower and other safety equipment in the fight against crime in the Greater Stellenbosch area. The Municipality has and continues to invest in expanding its CCTV footprint throughout the town. 

The parties are in principle in agreement to co-operate should joint extension projects be initiated and jointly addressed.

The parties are committed to an integrated crime combat strategy.

Suggestions and mutual co-operation initiatives are presented and discussed at the two monthly Safety Forum meetings; where-after it will be executed by both parties in relation to at SM and NSA for approval and combined execution. Flowing from the Safety Forum a task team will also be established who will meet more frequently to deal with safety operations and monitoring. Feedback reports on crime combatting initiatives feed into the parties own organisations and also to the specially created Safety Forum.

Stellenbosch Municipality hereby invite all registered Suppliers on the Supply Chain Management Supplier Database for an information session with the Head Supply Chain Management on:

Date:  Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Time:  18h00

Venue:  Stellenbosch Town Hall

Your attendance would be valued and appreciated.


Head Supply Chain Management


The Stellenbosch Municipality welcomes the recent court ruling made against Lizaan Morta, were the former Municipal Fire Chief was found guilty and sentenced of corruption. We however regret the fact that the whistle blower in the corruption case against the former Fire Chief is now being let down by irresponsible journalism and accused of being an accomplice to a crime. This is not a true reflection of the facts which can be obtained from the National Prosecuting Authority who dealt with this matter. The owner of Country Building Supplies approached a Stellenbosch Municipal official and requested her to inform her seniors about the situation and, furthermore stated that he was more than willing to assist with any investigation against Lizaan Morta. It is unacceptable that whistle blowers, who put their business at risk in order to prevent the abuse of municipal funds and to ensure that ratepayers money be used effectively, be portrayed as criminals.

The Stellenbosch Municipality promotes the principles of good governance. To disclose or report fraud contact Stellenbosch Municipality’s Anti-Fraud Hotline at 0800 111 027 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.