Stellenbosch Municipality


The Devon Valley Landfill Site in Stellenbosch reopened on 23 October 2013, after temporary closure to repair the access bridge.

Interwaste has been appointed to operate and manage the facility for the next six months on behalf of the Stellenbosch Municipality.

Please note that the tariffs for disposal (as approved by Council on 30 May 2013) are as follows:

  • Disposal of general/garden waste (1 ton)                                                                                          R390.20 (VAT incl)
  • Disposal of general/garden waste (½ton)                                                                                          R195.10 (VAT incl)
  • Disposal of clean, uncontaminated rubble                                                                                        Free
  • (Free from Asbestos products, tiles, steel, iron, large concrete blocks)
  • Disposal of contaminated builder’s rubble                                                                                        R390.20 (VAT Incl)
  • (Asbestos products, tiles, steel, iron large concrete blocks)/1 ton                                               
  • Residents, on production of their municipal account, may on a once-monthly basis dispose garden waste for free. 
  • No hazardous waste will be allowed for disposal at the site.
  • Users must purchase disposal coupons at the municipal cash office prior to the disposal of the waste, and under no circumstances will cash be accepted at the site.
  • The operating hours for the landfill will be as follows:

Monday – Fridays                                        08:00 – 17:00

Saturdays and Public Holidays                    08:00 – 15:00

Sundays                                                       CLOSED



Die Stellenbosch Stortingsterrein in Devonvallei is weer oop nadat dit tydelik gesluit was vir herstelwerk aan die toegangsbrug.

Interwaste is aangestel om die bestuur en bedryf van die Stortingsterrein vir die volgende ses (6) maande te behartig.

Neem ook asseblief kennis van die huidige tariewe (soos goedgekeur deur die Raad op 30 Mei 2013) vir die wegdoening van vaste afval by die Stellenbosch Stortingsterrein:

  • Wegdoening van algemene/tuinvullis (1 ton)                                                                                R390.20 (BTW ingesl)
  • Wegdoening van algemene/tuinvullis (1/2 ton)                                                                              R195.10 (BTW ingesl)
  • Wegdoen van skoon, ongekontamineerde rommel
  • (Geen asbesprodukte, yster,staal, teëls, betonblokke)                                                                 Gratis
  • Wegdoening van gekontamneerde bouersrommel / ton                                                               R390.20 (BTW ingesl)
  • (Asbesprodukte, yster,staal, teëls, betonblokke)
  • Inwoners is geregtig op ‘n gratis wegdoening van tuinvullis een keer per maand met bewys van mees onlangse munisipale rekening
  • Geen gevaarlike afval sal by die stortingsterrein aanvaar nie
  • Koepons moet by die munisipale kassiere aangekoop voordat die vullis gestort word aangesien geen kontant by die Stortingsterrein aanvaar word nie.

Bedryfsure by die stortingsterrein is as volg:

Maandae – Vrydae                                                    08h00- 17h00

Saterdae en Publieke Vakansiedae                          08h00 – 15h00

Sondae                                                                      GESLUIT

NG Gemeente Stellenbosch-Wes, in samewerking met ’n groep teoloë wat aan die Universiteit Stellenbosch (US) se Fakulteit Teologie en gemeentes in Stellenbosch verbonde is, het as deel van die “preek van die leek” projek verlede week vir Mnr. Conrad Sidego as leke-prediker op die kansel gead.

Die preek is om 18h00 in die kerkgebou van Stellenbosch-Wes (hoek van Alexander- en Papegaaistraat). Kliek hier om die video te sien:

Die vorige vier preke van Prof. Amanda Gouws, Mnr. Beyers Truter, Dr. Rhoda Kadalie en Dr. Chris van der Merwe is ook op die webtuiste beskikbaar.

Stellenbosch’s long awaited new hand-held parking meter system will be launched on 17 October 2013 and be in operation from 21 October 2013.

The Stellenbosch Municipality apologises for the delay in the implementation of the new parking system. Legal appeals in the appointment of the successful service provider meant that motorists enjoyed free parking subject to the applicable road sign rules.

The new system, which follows a public participation process and the promulgation of the Parking By-law, will be implemented at identified areas i.e. Church Street, Plein Street and a portion of Andringa Street on Monday. Preparations are underway to prepare sites with signage, markings and the numbering of parking bays, tariffs and synchronising the hand held devices and training of staff.

The Kerbside Parking System will be implemented on 4 November 2013.

Parallel to the above activities the Municipality is preparing the Off Street Parking facilities by installing booms at Toll, Stellmark and Checkers.

Initially for the test period we will manage these sites with booms and hand held devices.

The system will be evaluated after the 2013 festive season period.

How will the new system work?

Boom parking will be payable at dedicated pay-points situated close to the parking area. Signage at the entrance of the parking area will indicate the tariffs and pay-points.

Boom Parking Areas (ticket system) (24/7)

Checkers Parking area, Stelmark Parking area, Transvalia Parking area, Tol Parking area, Midmar Parking area:



0 - 30 min


1 - 2 hours


2 - 3 hours


3 - 4 hours


4 - 5 hours


5 - 6 hours


6 - 7 hours


7 - 8 hours


More than 8 hours


Lost Ticket



On Street Parking (Handheld meter / parking meter)

Operating hours: 08:00 - 17:00 (Mon - Fri) and 08:00 - 13:00 (Sat.)




Town Hall Parking Area

15 min Max 1 Hour

R 6.00

Church Street

15 min Max 2 Hours

R 6.50

Plein Street

15 min Max 2 Hours

R 6.50

Bloem Street

15 min Max 1 Hour

R 6.00

Bird Street (Braak)

15 min Max 1 Hour

R 6.00

Ryneveldt Street

15 min Max 2 Hours

R 6.50


15 min Max 2 Hours

R 6.50


15 min Max 1 Hour

R 6.00


15 min Max 1 Hour

R 6.00


15 min Max 1 Hour

R 6.00


15 min Max 1 Hour

R 6.00

Alexander Dienspad

15 min Max 1 Hour

R 6.00

Alexander Street

15 min Max 1 Hour

R 6.00


15 min Max 1 Hour

R 6.00

Dorp Street

15 min Max 1 Hour

R 6.00

Crozier Street

15 min Max 1 Hour

R 6.00

Piet Retief

15 min Max 1 Hour

R 6.00


15 min Max 1 Hour

R 6.00


15 min Max 1 Hour

R 6.00

Parking bays will have a sensor on the road surface monitoring the movement of vehicles. Parking attendants with hand-held meters will assist motorists with the payment of parking.

Bloemhof Parking Area (Coupon system)

Operating hours: 08:00 - 17:00 (Mon. - Fri.) and 08:00 - 13:00 (Sat.)

Day permit: R 25.00

Month permit: R 380.00

Wheel clamping

Application fee: R 110.00

Release fee: R 150.00

What areas will be affected by the new parking system?

Pick & Pay Parking (Between Andringa and Bird Streets):

-  Free parking (not part of precinct locations for parking tender) will be proposed to form part of the contract and boom parking implemented. The Church and Mosque will be accommodated for days of operation.

- Parking bays for the animal hospital will remain as is, but parking bays opposite will be controlled by means of handheld system. 

Checkers Parking (Mill Street):

- To be implemented as 24/7 pay-on-foot parking system (boom parking)

Midmar Parking (Bird Street):

- To be proposed as pay-on-foot system (boom to operate as follows):

  • 08:00 – 17:00 (Mon – Fri)
  • 08:00 – 13:00 (Sat)

Stelkor (Piet Retief Street):

- To be proposed implementation of the handheld meters to operate similar to kerbside parking and time-frames

Challenges identified –

  • Apartment blocks
  • Garages to municipal apartments
  • Chemist and free parking area situated next to the chemist

Tol parking (Behind Stellenbosch Municipal Offices):

- To be implemented as 24/7 pay-on-foot parking system (boom parking)

- Officials to receive access (smart cards)

Stellenbosch Town Hall Parking:

- Control mechanism to be determined by Planning and Engineering Department.


  • Any additional needs, eg. additional streets may be added to contract including revising the tariffs to accommodate changes.
  • Previous parking marshals to be accommodated pending outcome of screening.
  • Smart Cards will be available for interested members of public
  • Tags will be supplied subject to certain conditions.

The Nelson Mandela Statue at the Stellenbosch Town Hall was commissioned in 2012 and was unveiled on 2 October 2013/

The artwork that was approved by the Nelson Mandela Foundation was created by world-renowned landscape artist Strijdom van der Merwe.

Stellenbosch, through this artwork, pays homage to an international statesman, symbol of peace and unity and South Africa’s first democratically elected president, Nelson Mandela.

The statue will enhance the architectural detail of the precinct and provide a simplistic focus of this important landmark.

Seen against the backdrop of the new council chambers, the statue will perpetually remind residents and visitors alike of the long walk to freedom whilst being reminded to follow the example set by this humble icon and humanist.

The Stellenbosch Town Hall and Council Chambers have become a communal meeting place for the people of Stellenbosch and this statue will add immensely in connecting the character of the path leading to the precinct to that of the building.

The dignified yet elegant unveiling ceremony was attended by many prominent Stellenboschers, children from local schools, the Minister for Cultural Affairs and Sport, Dr Ivan Meyer, the Executive Mayor, Conrad Sidego and other important dignitaries.




Ward(s) and Chairperson


Monday, 14 Oct 2013

14 – Cllr P Sitshoti

Kayamandi Community Hall


15 – Cllr L Ronoti


1 - Clr A Frazenburg

Groendal Community Hall

2 – Cllr N Ntsunguzi

Tuesday, 15 Oct 2013

21 – Cllr EL Maree

Webergedenk Primary School

4 – Cllr MC Johnson

Kylemore Community Hall

Wednesday, 16 Oct 2013

19 – Cllr JK Hendriks

Bottelary Tennis Court

13 – Cllr N Gcaza

Kayamandi Community Hall

Thursday, 17 Oct 2013

17 – Cllr P Biscombe

VGK Church- Cloetesville

12 – Cllr N Mananga-Gugushe

Kayamandi High School (New)

Monday, 21 Oct 2013

11 –Cllr JPSerdyn

Huis Horizon

3 – Cllr NM August

Wemmershoek Hall

Tuesday, 22 Oct 2013

16 – Cllr V Fernandez


Eike Hall (Cloetesville)





5 – Cllr DD Joubert

Brückner De Villiers Primary School