Stellenbosch Municipality

Traffic Offices will be closed at 14:30 on Friday 12 June 2015 due to fumigation.


The Municipality of Stellenbosch wishes to inform all affected residents that the switching time of all geysers have been changed from 18h00-20h00 (previous) to 17h00-19h00 as from 1 June 2015 as part of the load control project. The new time slot falls in line with Eskom’s winter peak period and will remain for the duration of our winter period. The Municipality apologizes for any inconvenience caused due to this change and offers a special word of thanks to everyone for their assistance in relieving the pressure on the national grid.


Stellenbosch Munisipaliteit wil graag alle betrokke inwoners bewus maak van die gewysigde afskakelingstye van warmwatersilinders van toepassing vanaf 1 Junie 2015 as deel van die elektriese lasbeheheer-projek, gedurende die Eskom winter-spitsperiode. Die nuwe tydsone vir afskakeling is nou 17h00-19h00 en nie meer 18h00-20h00 soos voorheen en sal vir die verloop van die winter-seisoen voortduur. Verskoning word aangebied vir enige ongerief wat veroorsaak word met die nuwe reëling en inwoners word bedank vir hul samewerking om die druk op die netwerk te verlig. Please respond to this email with changes in order for Vernon to do the publication soonest. Thank you

Africa Day is celebrated annually on 25 May 2015 throughout the world to commemorate the founding of the Organisation of African Unity (now African Union) in 1963.

The celebrations reinforce African solidarity and unity in diversity, and also highlight creativity, challenges and successes, as well as the cultural and economic potential of the continent.

As part of its Africa Day celebrations and campaign against xenophobia, we are encouraging people to acknowledge that together we can build a continent where people can live lives they value and respect each other’s rights.

A special event will be held in the Stellenbosch Town Hall in Plein Street Stellenbosch on 25 May 2015 at 13:00.

Dear Citizens of the Innovation Capital of South Africa,

As we currently celebrate two significant public holidays; the one Freedom Day on the 27th of April 2015 and Workers Day on the 1st of May 2015 we do so aware; overly aware of the xenophobic attacks that have raged through parts of our country.

I have taken note of these acts of violence where foreign nationals have been the target of people’s rage. There is no justification for this violence. I strongly condemn what has taken place. Whatever the reasons have been it is unacceptable and under no circumstance is it ever justified.

Xenophobia attacks have not spread to the winelands valley and I urge citizens to be vigilant in the defense of all people’s human rights and freedom under the South African Constitution.

If there is reason to anger against foreign nationals I urge the community to come together with their representative leadership to discuss the issues and through the correct channels choose the most appropriate route forward. We can’t as citizens take the law into our own hands and advocate lawlessness and chaos. Our region and it’s people can’t afford to be drawn into a downward spiral that only leads to anarchy. Let’s work in a coordinated and civil manner to address the challenges that may be experienced.

I urge you to speak to various role-players in your respective communities to discuss preventative measures so that actions such as those that have been taking place elsewhere cannot take place in Stellenbosch. We cannot condone any intolerant behaviour. If you feel threatened in any way, please report it to your local police station.

Our dream is to be the Innovation Capital of South Africa. A place where all people work together to ensure good governance and management; a green environment; a safe society; a destination attractive for investment and very important – dignified living for all our valley’s people. We would like all citizens of Stellenbosch to enjoy a dignified life, irrespective of their relative material wealth or background. For some it will mean a home; for others education; a small business; a beautiful environment; a safe route or access to basic services.

To be able to reach this dream we must understand that we are bounded to each other in our humanity – Ubuntu; I am because you are.

We can build this dream. All of us. Together. Let all of the Stellenbosch area unite and say #NoToXenophobia.

Conrad Sidego

Executive Mayor of Stellenbosch

With the inauguration of the new rector of the University of Stellenbosch (US) our town has received a formidable innovator.

This was the response of the executive mayor of Stellenbosch, Conrad Sidego at the inauguration ceremony of the new rector and vice chancellors of US, Professor Wim De Villiers.

South Africa is at a point in time where it needs innovators like never before, given the huge and glaring challenges that we face on a daily basis. The University of Stellenbosch is an academic institution of particular excellence. This combined with the fact that Stellenbosch is home to some of the country’s leading business leaders means that we have the resources to find the solutions to some of the most extreme socio-economic questions we face daily – joblessness, housing shortage and poverty.

‘This is where the innovator De Villiers, rector of a world-class university can make a giant impact’ explains Major Sidego. Together with his agenda for transformation we will be able to realise many exciting projects in Stellenbosch.

Our vision for the town is to be the Innovation Capital of South Africa and his arrival in our town will give us a welcome boost. He is assured of my personal support and that of the municipality and we look forward to work with him to take the town and the wider community to the next level.

For further information contact the mayoral communication office at 021 8088024.