Stellenbosch Municipality

Stellenbosch Municipality is putting its community first again by handing out its second batch of title deeds to residents in three months! This batch of title deeds closely follows the 117 title deeds handed over in January 2018. This is part of the municipality’s commitment to providing dignified living for all its residents.


The 183 title deeds are part of the Erf 342 Housing Project in Klapmuts. The innovative project consists of a unique mix of single and double storey units to ensure the optimal use of the available land.
During the first and second phases of the project, a total of 831 houses were built. The third phase of the project focusses on the upgrade of the Mandela City informal settlement. These upgrades are currently underway and include the installation of bulk services to the area, which will bring quality services to many residents for the first time.
Mayor van Deventer urged residents to look after their homes. “This is a safe space you can return to every day, knowing it belongs to you!

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This is where you can raise your children and families and leave a legacy for your descendants. This is not just a piece of paper, it is an asset which now belongs to you and your family. Title deeds are important as they empower residents with the ownership of their homes. It is a big step toward redressing the legacy of our past and bringing more of our residents into the economy.” said Mayor van Deventer.
“We will continue to work tirelessly in order to improve the quality of life and the dignity of the people of Stellenbosch.”