Stellenbosch Municipality

Stellenbosch Municipality is piloting a new project to help clean up informal settlements as well as creating employment for 100 local residents.

The Enkanini Clean-up Project officially launched at the beginning of December and is expected to conclude in June 2018. The purpose of this project is to clean the Enkanini informal settlement, targeting all dumping hotspots, the Plakenbrug River and the entire settlement.

The Enkanini area is challenging to keep clean because of its location, the steep banks, overhead electrical cables and the density of the structures. This has made the area inaccessible for normal solid waste management procedures. 

To address this problem, the Municipality has decided to utilise human resources, employing 100 local residents via the Extended Public Works Programs (EPWP). These men and women have all signed a 6 month contract with the Municipality and will be working in Enkanini for the duration of the project. Enkanini is the first pilot site to test this model. All the other informal settlements in the area will receive similar attention. 

The municipality has provided each employee with overalls, the necessary safety gear and equipment for this project. Mayor van Deventer has delegated this project to Deputy Mayor Nyaniso Jindela to drive it. On Monday, Deputy Mayor Jindela addressed the workers, informing them that the success of the project will depend on their hard work and dedication.

The progress of this project will be closely monitored and the municipality will keep track of the total tonnage of waste that will be removed. This forms part of Stellenbosch Municipality’s commitment to create opportunities for residents by means of job creation as well as improved service delivery. 

Mayor van Deventer said: ‘’We urge the Enkanini community to assist us with the clean-up efforts by keeping the area clean and by reporting illegal dumping to us immediately. We cannot be successful without the cooperation of our residents.’’