Stellenbosch Municipality

By: Stephanie Nieuwoudt

Residents of Klapmuts (Ward 18) were surprised on Wednesday (19 August 2015) by “Superman” who accompanied staff of Stellenbosch Municipality to distribute 100 wheelie bins to households in the area.

“Superman” is Charl Ciliers, of the environmental and botanical consulting service My Habitat who is working with Stellenbosch Municipality to make people aware about environmental issues.

“The Superman suit makes people smile. And it feeds into the idea that citizens have to do the right thing.”

“Superman” Charl Cilliers and the Stellenbosch Municipality team who distributed wheelie bins in Klapmuts, Nomapha Msizi, Arthur Adams, Nelson Mzili, Clayton Hendrickse, Zizipho Fatshane, renata fourie, Charlotte Cronjé, Gerald Abraham and Shaun Nomnganga. On the truck are Lusindiso Joyi, Mabuthi Makupula, Werenr Groenewald and Dawid Reitz.

Resident Rachel Gabriels said she is extremely grateful for her bin.

“The black bags are not effective. Dogs, looking for something to eat, tear them to shreds.

“This area lies on the wine route. When the streets are covered in litter, it sends out a terrible message to tourists who pass by here.”

Mrs Fransina Remmetts (82) who has been living in the area for more than 50 hyears, also said she was excited about the bin.

“I have been waiting for a bin for a long time, because animals won’t be able to tear them open, like they do with the black bags,” she said.

Grateful Klapmuts resident Rachel Gabriels (third from the left) standing next to “Superman” Charl Cilliers. With them are municipal staff members,Nelson Mzili, Charlotte Cronjé, and Nomapha Msizi. In front are Zizipho Fatshane and Arthur Adams.

The distribution is part of a bigger project by the Municipality’s solid waste department to distribute 3 000 bins to all residential areas in Klapmuts by the end of September.

“Residents of Klapmuts have up to now been using black refuse bags. It has contributed to the problem of litter in the area,” explains Cllr Sophie Louw, Mayco member: Local Economic Development. “We hope that these wheelie bins will help to curb litter and the illegal dumping of waste in open spaces.”

Executive Mayor of Stellenbosch, Conrad Sidego, says that the wheelie bins are an intervention to add to the vision of Stellenbosch to help its residents live dignified lives.

“Waste that is dumped indiscriminately cause a variety of problems of which health issues are foremost. The bins will help to get rid of waste more effectively. The next challenge is to ensure that our residents know that recyclable waste can be turned into economic opportunities.”

Ms Charlotte Cronjé of the Municipality’s solid waste department adds that black refuse bags are an inefficient system.

“When bags get torn by dogs and other roaming animals the waste spilling out then lies in the street or gets scattered in the wind. People are more aware of their waste and the need to get rid of it in an appropriate manner when they have wheelie bins,” she says.

Members of the Municipality’s Youth in Waste project helped to distribute the bins. These young people make residents and especially the youth aware of the importance of getting rid of waste effectively.

“It is important to tell other young people why it is important not to litter. They see adults dumping rubbish anywhere and this sets a bad example for them,” says Namapha Msizi one of the Youth in Waste workers.

“In Stellenbosch our landfill site will be filled to capacity within the next three years. We also try to teach young people about the importance of recycling. Plastic, glass, cardboard and metal can be collected and sold. There is money and great opportunities in recycling. We should all make more of an effort to re-use, reduce and recycle.”