Stellenbosch Municipality

With the inauguration of the new rector of the University of Stellenbosch (US) our town has received a formidable innovator.

This was the response of the executive mayor of Stellenbosch, Conrad Sidego at the inauguration ceremony of the new rector and vice chancellors of US, Professor Wim De Villiers.

South Africa is at a point in time where it needs innovators like never before, given the huge and glaring challenges that we face on a daily basis. The University of Stellenbosch is an academic institution of particular excellence. This combined with the fact that Stellenbosch is home to some of the country’s leading business leaders means that we have the resources to find the solutions to some of the most extreme socio-economic questions we face daily – joblessness, housing shortage and poverty.

‘This is where the innovator De Villiers, rector of a world-class university can make a giant impact’ explains Major Sidego. Together with his agenda for transformation we will be able to realise many exciting projects in Stellenbosch.

Our vision for the town is to be the Innovation Capital of South Africa and his arrival in our town will give us a welcome boost. He is assured of my personal support and that of the municipality and we look forward to work with him to take the town and the wider community to the next level.

For further information contact the mayoral communication office at 021 8088024.