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25 November 2020

Statement by Executive Mayor Gesie van Deventer


The Executive Mayor of Stellenbosch Municipality, Adv. Gesie van Deventer, today launched the municipality’s commemoration of the 16 Days of Activism Campaign for No Violence Against Women and Children.  

Statistics South Africa estimates that on average one in five South African women older than 18 have experienced physical violence. In most cases, those responsible for the horrific crimes and abuse are known to the victims. StatsSA further estimates that nearly half of women across South Africa are subjected to violence by an intimate partner.

“One in five, that is a shocking number that we can no longer ignore or simply wish away! As a Municipality, we will be advocating our SHARP campaign for the full 365 days of the year. SHARP – to See, Hear, Act, Report and Participate in a way that promotes activism every day of the year,” said Mayor van Deventer.

Dr Else Van Der Watt of the Stellenbosch Safe House delivered an inspiring message of support for the 16 Days of Activism campaign and provided a first-hand account of the many challenges currently experienced by the Safe House due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year has been particularly challenging for the Safe House, as COVID-19 regulations have made it nearly impossible for them to embark on their normal fundraising initiatives. The Municipality has therefore pledged our support for the Stellenbosch Safe House Purple Mile Project, which aims to raise much-needed funds in order for them to keep their doors open.

The Purple Mile concept works as follows: Individuals purchase a box containing a purple ribbon, a purple balloon and purple face mask which must be worn or displayed outside homes and offices on 10 December 2020, the last day of the 16 days of activism campaign. The Purple Mile box costs R100 each. All funds will go directly towards supporting the Stellenbosch Safe House. 

Mayor van Deventer thanked the Stellenbosch Municipality Community Development Department, the various local NGOs, safety partners and community members who work tirelessly all year round to assist those who are faced with violence and abuse. The Mayor personally pledged a R1000 towards the Purple Mile Project and encouraged any resident with the means, to contribute whatever they can.


“Let us speak out and be a voice for the voiceless – not just over these next 16 days but throughout the year,” said the mayor.

To get involved in the Purple Mile Project, please contact Funeka Mayembana: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photos of the event are available on request. 

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Verklaring deur Adv. Gesie van Deventer

Uitvoerende Burgemeester van Stellenbosch Munisipaliteit

17 November 2020

Franschhoek het die pas afgelope naweek ‘n vroeë Kersgeskenk ontvang in die vorm van ‘n fantastiese nuwe markspasie vir informele handelaars. 

Daar word reeds vir  meer as 15 jaar handel gedryf langs die munisipale kantore in Franschhoek.  ‘n Netjiese perseel is egter  noodsaaklik vir goeie besigheid en daarom het ons in 2017 besluit om die bestaande perseel op te gradeer. Konstruksie het in Junie 2018 begin en dit is binne 18 maande voltooi.  Die koste van die projek het R2,2 miljoen beloop.

Die toekenning van stalletjies binne die markspasie is gedoen volgens die munisipaliteit se informele handelaarsbeleid. Die spasies is geadverteer en ‘n keuringsproses is gevolg vir alle aansoekers wat die spasie wil gebruik om seker te maak ons skep ‘n volhoubare besigheidsomgewing in lyn met ons ekonomiese ontwikkelingsbeleid. 

Die beleid vereis dat al die handelaars onderworpe is aan die reëls en regulasies sodat almal ‘n gelyke en regverdige kans kry om besigheid te doen by die mark. Voorkeur word gegee aan inwoners van Franschhoek, handelaars wat net in Franschhoek besigheid doen en die volhoubaarheid van die produkte en ware word ook in ag geneem.  

Die nuwe markspasie skep ‘n veiliger en aangename omgewing vir handelaars en besoekers. Ons onderneem ook om op die lang termyn hierdie handelaars by te staan met sakeopleiding en so volhoubare besigheidspraktyke en kennis aan die gemeenskap oor te dra. 

Verskeie spasies is reeds toegeken aan plaaslike handelaars op ‘n kontrak basis, en die verskeidenheid van pragtige handelsware is besonders. Gaan besoek gerus die mark en doen sommer u kersinkopies daar!

Foto: Me Tarauai en Burgemeester van Deventer vier die opening van die mark in een van die nuwe uitstalspasies. 

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02 NOVEMBER 2020


At an Urgent Council Meeting held in the Stellenbosch Town Hall this morning, an item served on the resignation of Councilor Nyaniso Jindela as Speaker. The Speaker resigned effective from 31 October 2020.

Councilors were then given the opportunity to nominate and elect a new Speaker, in terms of Section 36 of the Local Government Municipal Structures Act, no 117 of 1998.  Councilor Wilhelmina Petersen was nominated and elected unopposed as the new Speaker. As a result of Councilor Petersen’s election to the Speaker’s Chair, a new Deputy Executive Mayor also had to be elected, in terms of Section 48 of the Local Government Municipal Structures Act, no 117 of 1998. Councilor Jindela was duly nominated and elected unopposed as the new Deputy Executive Mayor.

We thank both councilors for their continued commitment to improving the lives of the people of the Greater Stellenbosch region and we wish them well in these new roles. 

For any further queries, please contact the relevant political party.


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From left to right: Deputy Mayor Nyaniso Jindela, Mayor Gesie van Deventer and Speaker Wilhelmina Petersen. 


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23 October 2020

Yesterday, Western Cape Minister of Human Settlements, Tertuis Simmers, along with the Executive Mayor of Stellenbosch, Advocate Gesie van Deventer handed over 16 title deeds to deserving recipients in Simonsberg Street, Pniel.

This brings the number of title deeds handed over this week to 34, after 18 were handed over to Khayelitsha residents on Monday, 19 October 2020.

Minister Simmers said: “It pleases me to ensure that our residents are empowered in this manner. This is critical, as more citizens are now legal homeowners, which opens a myriad of opportunities. Sharing in the joy of our beneficiaries is priceless and a moment I would not exchange for anything else. The handover is particularly pleasing as most of the beneficiaries, who displayed tears of joy and gratitude, have been waiting for between 20 to 30 years for this title deed.

I’d like to thank all the stakeholders, including the Stellenbosch Municipality, who have made this handover possible. It demonstrates what can be achieved if the different spheres of government and the private sector work together. Our people now have been given a sense of security and pride.

Mayor van Deventer said: “I urge residents to look after their homes. This is a safe space you can return to every day, knowing it belongs to you. This is where you can raise your children and leave a legacy for your descendants. This is not just a piece of paper; it is an asset which now belongs to you and your family. Title deeds are important as they empower residents with the ownership of their homes. It is a big step toward redressing the legacy of our past and bringing more of our residents into the economy.”

Mr and Mrs Herman Robus could not contain their joy, with Mr Robus (60) saying: “This has been a worthwhile wait. Our patience have been rewarded and we now have an opportunity to build for the future. Thank you to all who made this day possible.”

“The handover further shows our continued commitment to accelerate the handover of title deeds to deserving beneficiaries. I’ve already given my officials the instruction to ensure that more title deed handovers occur, and the two handovers this week demonstrates that this instruction is being taken to heart. 

As the Western Cape Government, we will continue to strive towards establishing an enabling environment, so that we are better placed to grant beneficiaries security of tenure and make more residents legal homeowners by handing over these title deeds” added Simmers.


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Spokesperson for Minister Tertuis Simmers

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Director Communication & Stakeholder Relations

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Statement by Executive Mayor Adv. Gesie van Deventer

21 October 2020


I am pleased to announce that Stellenbosch Municipality will be lifting all water restrictions. This follows an announcement that the City of Cape Town will lift water restrictions in the metro, which places us in a position to do the same. 

From 1 November 2020 Stellenbosch Municipality will therefore move from level 2 water restrictions to no water restrictions, meaning that our normal water tariffs will apply. It will be the first time in 5 years that we are in a position to lift water restrictions, following two years of excellent seasonal winter rains. 

The normal water tariff has been approved by council earlier this year as part of the annual budget for the 2020/2021 financial year. The lifting of water restrictions and the move to the normal water tariff scale has the potential to offer financial relief to residents and businesses. 

Many of our residents and businesses have enquired about the state of water restrictions and tariffs, given the fact that our Province has experienced good rainfall that has filled up most of the dams in the Western Cape Water Supply System (WCWSS). The WCWSS is a complex water supply system comprising an inter-linked system of six main dams, pipelines, tunnels and distribution networks across the province. 

Stellenbosch Municipality is bound by decisions taken by the National Department of Water and Sanitation, who operate the WCWSS network, as well as the City of Cape Town. This is because we tap into the same water resources as the City and receive approximately a third of our water from the City.

Research has shown that South Africans use up to 70% more water per capita than the international average. We are a water scarce country and our high water usage could result in another future crisis situation.  I urge all residents to please continue to use water wisely, save water wherever possible and help us to avoid another crises. I also want to thank all our residents who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to save water and who helped us successfully manage this difficult time. I am proud of all the efforts being made to make us a water wise region!


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