Stellenbosch Munisipaliteit
Greater Stellenbosch mission and values


Our mission is to deliver cost-effective services that will provide the most enabling environment for civil and corporate citizens.


In all of our work and engagements, we subscribe to the following values:

  • Integrity:
    As servants of the public, we undertake to perform the functions and operations of the Municipality in an honest and ethical manner.
  • Accountability:
    As responsible public servants, we pledge to perform our duties in a manner that is open to oversight and public scrutiny. This commitment is shaped by our understanding to give an account of our actions to individuals, groups and organizations.
  • Transformation:
    We will tirelessly work at transforming our municipality, communities and broader society as custodians of hope through unlocking the endless possibilities our valley holds treasure. This commitment is shaped by our understanding of the historical, spatial, social and economic inequalities in our valley.
  • Innovation:
    We will continuously review our systems, procedures and processes to make them more responsive to customer needs. In partnership with our stakeholders we will seek innovative solutions to complex problems. We will encourage and reward initiatives which show creativity and ingenuity.