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The Executive Mayor of Stellenbosch, Conrad Sidego is proud to announce the launch of a special Bee Farming initiative at the Timberlea Farm which attracted investment to the region while also creating much needed jobs.

A local entrepreneur, Loyiso Mbete who is 33 years old and from Kayamandi, identified a gap in the market for honey and negotiated with the owners of Timberlea Farms to start his own business. Bee Farming has become a very lucrative economic activity to provide much needed income for local communities. Mbete who holds a Diploma in Management from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology worked as a Sales Support Assistant in the financial services sector. There is a great need for honey worldwide and the practice of bee farming is widespread throughout the world: not only is honey produced but honeybees are kept on farms and fruit and vegetable farmers totally depend on honeybees for crop fertilization. Loyiso started his business in 2009 with 80 hives which he bought from his own savings. He then realised that he needed some more skills to take the business forward and approached the Department of Agriculture for assistance. In 2013 he was trained and received financial assistance from the Department of Agriculture to the amount of approximately R680 000.

This is a sterling example of entrepreneurship. Loyiso made his venture a success in a very short space of time. He has shown that he has the tenacity to be a successful entrepreneur. This is the type of entrepreneurs that can make a difference in their communities. Loyiso aims to establish a Honey Factory if he obtains the necessary support. There is an opportunity for possible partnerships that can be explored. Sidego said that he is “extremely proud of this project and the willingness shown by Loyiso. The Municipality can make opportunities available but it is people like Loyiso that turns them into magic. This heralds Stellenbosch as a preferred destination for business and investment and also illustrates just how innovative our region is.”

According to Casidra, research has shown that the current demand for honey far exceeds the supply. The consumer demand calls for an increase in production of honey in order to meet the internal (South African) demand. This demand is currently being met by Chinese honey, which has been banned by the European Union for substandard quality. Besides honey, the bee also produces a range of other products which provides the beekeeper with additional income. If one takes into consideration the aforementioned, there is no doubt that this entrepreneur would be able to provide much needed job opportunities to the local community. In the current phase the business will provide 3 jobs and once value adding is done, it will avail another 8 jobs.

Key stakeholders in the honey industry includes; the Department of Agriculture (sponsor), Anglo American, Wesgro, Woolworths, SEDA, Cence, Stellenbosch Black Business Unity, Ubusi Epiculture, Greater Stellenbosch Tourism Trust, Timberlea Farm and the Stellenbosse Landbougenootskap.



Notice is hereby given that the Adjustments Budget for 2013/2014 was approved by the Council on 29 January 2014 in terms of Section 28(2) of the Municipal Finance Management Act (Act 56 of 2003). The budget is hereby made public in terms of Section 26 of the Municipal Budgeting and Reporting Regulations. The approved document is available here and at the following venues:


Municipal Office, Plein Street, Stellenbosch

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C. Liebenberg

Municipal Manager

Notice is hereby given in terms of section 127 (5) (a) (i) and (ii) of the Municipal Finance Management Act (56 of 2003), that the Stellenbosch Municipality’s 2012/13 Annual Report, is available for perusal in the following formats, as well as on the Stellenbosch Municipality’s website:

A downloadable pdf file on the Municipality’s website: click here

A pdf file on CD at the offices of Corporate and Strategic Services, 3rdFloor Ecclesia Building, Plein Street

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Verbal Submissions: Members of the public who are unable to write, may come to the Performance Management offices during office hours and a staff member will assist him/her to transcribe his/her comments.

Deadline for verbal and written submissions: Friday, 28 February 2014 at 16H30

The Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) of Council will consider comments at a Public Hearing and submissions must indicate whether you wish to appear before the Oversight Committee to motivate your comments and representations. The Public Hearing will take place on Monday, 3 March 2014 from 09H00 to 13H00 in the Stellenbosch Council Chambers, to hear these motivations.

For further information or to obtain a CD, please contact Ulrich Cupido (Corporate and Strategic Services) at 021 808 8170 or Hierdie e-posadres word van Spambotte beskerm. Jy moet JavaScript ontsper om dit te lees. or Hierdie e-posadres word van Spambotte beskerm. Jy moet JavaScript ontsper om dit te lees..

Christa Liebenberg

Municipal Manager

The Municipality and the Police worked together after being tipped off by a member of the public to investigate footage on its Closed Circuit Television. On Saturday 25 January 2014 at approximately 16h35 the Municipality’s Control Room was requested by one of our Senior Inspectors in the field on patrol that they should check on the CCTV monitors for a suspicious looking person who was busy withdrawing large sums of money at different ATM machines in town. The Municipality’s CCTV monitors spotted a suspicious looking person at the Standard Bank ATM in Bird Street and zoomed in by using high-tech cameras. One of the law enforcement officers approached the ATM  and stood in the queue and was observing the male person. As this person was acting very suspiciously, our officer then requested our Control Room to contact the Stellenbosch Police Services for assistance.  The police arrived shortly and confronted the suspicious looking male as he had a large sum of cash in his hand. They also found a large sum of money in his car as well as 3 bags of Tik and 5 cell phones in the car. The suspect was arrested and taken into custody by the Police.

The speedy response from the Police as well as the Municipality’s own law enforcement officers and the involvement of the Control Room and the CCTV monitoring team made it possible to apprehend a criminal within minutes.

The Municipality’s appreciation goes out to all the officers involved and the Stellenbosch Police.


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