Stellenbosch Munisipaliteit

Verklaring deur Gesie van Deventer – Uitvoerende Burgemeester
04 Junie 2019

Die skep van behuisingsgeleenthede is een van die hoof fokuspunte vir die Stellenbosch Munisipaliteit. Die behoefte aan behuisingsgeleenthede en die erns waarmee ons hierdie saak aanpak om die geleenthede te bespoedig, word ook uitgelê in die begroting vir die nuwe finansiële jaar wat op 1 Julie 2019 intree.

Verklaring deur Gesie van Deventer – Uitvoerende Burgemeester
04 Junie 2019

As plaaslike regering is ons deeglik bewus van die swaar ekonomiese omstandighede waaronder baie van ons inwoners gebuk gaan en die impak wat ‘n verhoging in tariewe op mense het. Ongelukkig het die munisipaliteit nie baie sê in die verhoging van elektrisiteitstariewe nie, aangesien die voorgestelde verhogings deur NERSA en ESKOM bepaal en goedgekeur word.

29 May 2019


The Stellenbosch Municipality is aware of challenges being experienced by applicants in the issuing of planning and land use applications. The process that plans have to follow from application to approval is generally a lengthy and time-consuming one, but many applicants have been waiting for far too long and we find this unacceptable.

That is why we are implementing a remedial action plan to address the backlog and accelerate the process.

Since last year, the Provincial Government has been assisting our Planning Department with appeals assessments. In addition to this, two Senior Planners will now be seconded from Province for 6 months to fast-track the processes in our Planning Offices.

We are also pleased to announce that a new Municipal Planning Tribunal (MPT) Board will commence with their duties on 1 July 2019. The vacancies for two permanent Senior Town Planners have also already been advertised and the positions will be filled before the end of June 2019.

As a Municipality that strives to provide efficient and effective services to the people that we serve, we apologise for any frustration experienced by applicants and commit ourselves to addressing these challenges head-on. We are confident that the steps taken will reduce the waiting period for building plans and ensure a more efficient experience.


Media queries:
Stuart Grobbelaar T: 021 808 8172 | C: 084 036 1395
Mart-Marié Haasbroek T: 021 808 8024 | C: 072 910 3724



The Stellenbosch Municipality was honoured to host firefighters from across our province for the 2019 International Fire Fighter’s Day. The event took place on 4 May 2019 at Die Braak.



17 April 2019

What a privilege to officiate two ceremonial openings in one day in Klapmuts! The new Klapmuts Fire Station and the official opening of the state-of-the-art Klapmuts Multipurpose Community Centre are two highlights for me as Mayor. The fanfare, ribbon-cuttings and plaque unveilings of today were special moments shared with the community, but what is really important is that these two facilities will genuinely improve the lives of the Klapmuts community for years to come. This will open doors to better education, employment and business opportunities, fuelling socio-economic development in the Klapmuts community.


TreePlaning Klapmuts April

After years of planning, public participation processes and several significant alterations, the Klapmuts Multipurpose Community Centre is open for business. The Municipality spent R27 million on this project. The facility will act as a one-stop shop for residents as they can make account payments, apply for indigent grants, pay fines, attend ward meetings and participate in community events all under one roof.


App photo

The centre also houses a new Cape Access e-centre of the Western Cape Government, making information and communication technology available and accessible to residents. Computers, free internet and accredited computer training will be provided to residents to make it possible for them to conduct research on school projects and jobs, compile CVs, access social media and emails, submit SARS e-filling, make internet banking payments, print documents and access important government information.


Wayne Mayor

The building itself is an impressive feat of environmentally-conscious engineering. Great care was taken in the construction of this facility to source greener building materials. Low-flush toilets and waterless urinals were installed, rain water is harvested and the roof is lined with solar panels to generate electricity. The facility even treats its own effluent on site to be recycled and reused! Rain water harvesting will mean an 80% reduction in potable water usage whilst the solar panels will lead to an estimated 35% saving on the electrical bill.

The Klapmuts Fire Station will act as a vital satellite fire station of the Stellenbosch Fire and Rescue Services, reducing response time and thereby ensuring that the community and their properties are safer. Work on the project commenced at the start of the current Council’s term after a great need for emergency services was identified in the community.


group Klapmuts Fire Station

Budgetary constraints and a lack of a suitable site for the station were major challenges but we knew we had to act fast and had to think outside the box. To be as cost-effective as possible with public funds, the station was constructed by upgrading an existing facility at the centrally located Klapmuts Sports grounds instead of building a facility from scratch. The project cost R2 500 000.00. Today the station stands as a shining example of what can be accomplished when we think innovatively and optimise Council property for service delivery.
What a privilege it was to celebrate the opening of these two magnificent facilities with the residents of Klapmuts today!

Media queries:
Stuart Grobbelaar T: 021 808 8172 | C: 084 036 1395
Mart-Marié Haasbroek T: 021 808 8024 | C: 072 910 3724