Stellenbosch Munisipaliteit

Councillor Wilhelmina (Mienie) Petersen has been elected as the new Speaker of the Stellenbosch Municipality Council. She will serve as the first female Speaker since the establishment of the Council in 2000. 

Following the resignation of the previous Speaker, an urgent Council Meeting was called on 30 July 2018 to elect a new Speaker. Speaker Petersen served as Chief Whip to the Council and is also the Ward Councillor for Ward 2. She has served as a Councillor in Stellenbosch since 2011. Prior to entering politics, she served on the Parole Board at Correctional Services.

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From left to right- Ms Geraldine Mettler (Municipal Manager), Ms Wilhelmina Petersen (Speaker), Adv. Gesie van Deventer (Executive Mayor)

Following Cllr Petersen’s election as the new Speaker, a new chief whip had to be elected. Councillor Paul Biscombe was elected as the new Whip for the Stellenbosch Municipal Council.

Speaker Petersen said that she is honoured and excited about her new position and will dedicate her time to being a Speaker with integrity and working with all parties for the benefit of the entire Stellenbosch Municipality. She also thanked Speaker Joubert for his service to the Council.

“Together we can strive towards positive change in our towns, based on the five pillars of the municipality. Let us proceed proudly and peacefully as we continue to work for our communities”, said Speaker Petersen.

“At the start of Women’s Month, I am thrilled to welcome Councillor Petersen as our first female speaker for the Stellenbosch Council. She has been an excellent whip for the council and I am confident that she will continue her dedication and service to our residents in her new role as Speaker” said Mayor van Deventer.