Stellenbosch Municipality

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Geraldine Mettler

Municipal Manager

Dear Stellenbosch Resident / Visitor,

As the Municipal Manager appointed by the Stellenbosch Council, I am the Chief Accounting Officer of the Municipality and act as the link between Council and the administration, of which I am the head.

As Accounting Officer, I must account for our Municipality’s income and expenditure and must at all times ensure proper adherence to all legislation applicable to local government. It is my duty to ensure that an effective, efficient and accountable administration is able to deliver quality municipal services in a sustainable and equitable manner.

Further to this, my office has several strategic functions. These include:

1. Internal Audit;
2. Risk Management;
3. Strategic Management;
4. Good Governance and Compliance;
5. Integrated Development Planning (IDP); and
6. Communication Services

As an organisation, our main focus areas over the past financial year included bulk infrastructure development and maintenance; augmenting our water supply and further promoting an enabling environment that attracts jobs for our residents and stimulates economic growth.

Some highlights of the past financial year include the new Stellenbosch Waste Water Treatment Works that is currently underway with the aim to clean water to a potable standard. This will enable the municipality to provide more water to our communities. We successfully implemented various initiatives to ensure that the community of Stellenbosch has sufficient water during the strenuous drought experienced in the Western Cape. These initiatives included water restrictions being put in place for all residents, water demand analysis, the drilling of new boreholes, borehole audits and testing, water augmentation schemes and the roll-out of water management devices. All bulk water meters are now equipped with monitoring equipment, making real time viewing and daily consumption monitoring possible.

Another highlight for me is the Electrification of Enkanini Project that is well underway. Enkanini is Stellenbosch’s largest informal settlement. Basic service delivery initiatives have also been implemented to ensure that services are being rendered in the best possible way, to guarantee a living environment that the community can be proud of.

As an administration, we have experienced much improved stability at senior management level, which has led to greater organisational wellbeing overall. All Senior Management posts were filled and fully functional over the past year. The Municipality also approved its new organisational structure - merging the Planning Directorate and the Human Settlements Directorate into one Directorate of Planning and Economic Development. The organisational restructuring process has enabled us to modernise and streamline our efforts to improve service delivery.

Furthermore, the Municipality has maintained a healthy payment rate of consumers as a result of effective credit control and debt collection measures. To maintain this situation, it is important to keep services affordable and to continue delivering the same service in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. We are well aware of the increasing pressures on our residents during these difficult economic times and will continue to work in the most economical way possible. Financial sustainability, as reflected by the financial ratios, indicates a healthy financial position.

It truly is a great honour and a privilege for me to work in this beautiful municipality and to witness the positive changes that we are able to implement in our towns.

Thank you to each and every resident, official, councillor, ward committee and interested stakeholder for working with us to create a Valley of Opportunity and Innovation of which all of us can be proud.

Please feel free to contact my office, should you wish to set up a meeting.

Geraldine Mettler


Phone: 021 808 8025

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