Stellenbosch Municipality

The Stellenbosch area enjoys growing popularity in the tourism sector in the Western Cape and South Africa. This is evident in the recognition we receive from visitors as well as the achievements from core industries driving our tourism. The Stellenbosch Wine Route is one of these organisations who continue to perform exceptionally well.

I want to congratulate the Stellenbosch Wine Route who won the category for Best Promotional Body in the Drinks International Journal competition. We are proud of you! This award highlights the initiatives by the organisation to market and draw visitors to our region.

The Stellenbosch Wine Route is the oldest in South Africa. It was established in 1971 and today consists of more than 200 wine and grape producers. These wineries have embraced a tradition of excellent wine and paired it with a unique and delicious food culture, creating a wonderful experience that visitors cannot wait to be a part of. The result has been a growing tourism industry benefitting the entire Stellenbosch region. In the past few years we have seen a large increase in the number of visitors during the peak season, helping to create opportunity and success for our residents. The success of our wine routes has become the success of our towns.

Stellenbosch Wine Route is a leading wine route in South Africa and Africa.  It is a great experience throughout the entire year and as a local government it inspires us to work hard to uphold the excellent standards which surround us.