Innovation set to reduce spread of fire in informal settlements

The Executive Mayor of Stellenbosch, Conrad Sidego together with the Minister of Environmental Affairs, Ms Edna Molewa, observed a test to reduce the spread of fire in temporary structures in informal settlements (Shack fires). The test was conducted on 19 February by the Departments’ Working on Fire (WoF) and Eco-Furniture programmes, and the Stellenbosch Municipality at the Lanquedoc Sport Field in Stellenbosch.

The new building design and material was tested to assess their effectiveness in reducing the spread of fires in informal settlements and in limiting their often devastating impact on people and property. Structures were built from the new material and dwellings based on materials commonly used in informal settlements were set alight in order to compare the speed in which they burned and the extent to which fire spreads from them.

Developed with funding from the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) channelled through the Working on Fire (WoF) programme, and implemented by the Kishugu Group, the new material consists of compressed composite boards. The test was observed by DEA and its partners in the project, the non-government organisation Design Change, which has developed a new fire-retarding design for temporary structures based on the material, Stellenbosch Municipality and its Disaster Management Centre, WoF and WoF beneficiaries.

The project was developed through a process in which the DEA and its partners have been looking at the potential of using use invasive alien biomass in the construction of temporary structures and exploring options to reduce the spread of fires in informal housing, while the pressures of formal housing are being addressed wherever possible. Mayor Conrad Sidego, who welcomed the Minister of Environmental Affairs and Deputy Minister of Public Works, Jeremy Cronin emphasised the fact that we cannot continue with “business as usual in face of very dangerous sires in informal settlements. Dignity and innovation is at the heart of this project as the Stellenbosch espouses to be the innovation capital of South Africa while promoting the dignity and safety of all of its citizens.”

In her keynote address Minister of Environmental Affairs Mrs Edna Molewa explained the importance of finding solutions to ever the growing plight of shack fires. “These experiments demonstrate the commitment of our government and its structures to seek solutions to the plights of the poor. This will extend to the quality of life for those living in such settlements in the pilot projects that we shall again run with our same group of partners regarding the green, safe and secure structures that may be temporary options in such circumstances,” she said. The design of temporary structures based on the new material aims to provide a low-cost alternative that saves lives.

The design is intended not just for its fire-proof properties, but for benefits that include thermal properties, safety, noise reduction, flooding protection, food security, denial of access to rats and other vermin and greater human dignity.

If the new dwelling design and composite fire-boarding prove to be effective in reducing the rate of spread of shack-fires, the use of woody invasive alien biomass could play a meaningful role in the reduction of loss of life, property and livelihoods of millions of South African citizens.

This would mean that the ongoing clearing of alien invasive timber from water-catchment systems would create not only jobs, but contribute to protecting lives and livelihoods.

For media queries please contact Zolile Nqayi 082 898 6483 or Vernon Bowers 084 593 6491


Mayor Sidego to address opening of Absolute Ablutions Container Unit in Jamestown

The Executive Mayor of Stellenbosch, Conrad Sidego will attend the opening of the Absolute Ablutions Container Unit (AACU) this week Wednesday, 18 February 2015 at Webersvalley Road, Jamestown, Stellenbosch. The US Consul General, Mr Teddy Taylor will host the event.

‘This event will showcase innovation in the field of a unit that is a totally self-sustained ablution facility that is easy to move, quick to set up and can treat sewerage on site..’ – Mayor Sidego.

The AACU, The Absolute Ablution Container is an advanced mobile ablution facility (toilets and showers) that incorporates U.S. technology with Stellenbosch design and innovation. Mayor Sidego will briefly address this event as it highlights innovation and partnerships that are taking place within Stellenbosch as the Innovation Capital of South Africa. ‘This is an US-South African partnership with a Stellenbosch company working on this innovation with international companies. Another proof that we are truly the Innovation Capital of South Africa.’

Representatives from the private and public sector, neighbouring municipalities, local government officials and diplomatic community will attend this session. The three companies that have been involved in the project are Zoeller Pump Company, Maskam and Absolute Ablutions.

Absolute Ablutions is a premier mobile toilet and ablution specialists in the world and as a manufacturer in Stellenbosch, employ 60 people as designers and artisans. Their innovative range of products have made it possible to deliver appropriate hygiene and ablutions in almost any circumstance. The AACU is developed to address the need for an autonomous ablution system which can process and recycle water for maximum efficiency before releasing semi- to fully processed waste into the environment. Maskam Water has worked with Absolute Ablutions to build a first of its kind, self-sustaining mobile ablution facility, including treatment of waste water and reusing it on site. Zoeller is a pump manufacturer that produces submersible pumps that are 100% factory-tested underwater for dependability.

The AACU is easy to set up, has a low operational cost and water is recycled and reused on site, part of that for toilet flushing. For further information see

Mayor Sidego meets with Tavern Owners at SALTHA Imbizo

Mayor Conrad Sidego met with industry stakeholders at the South African Leisure Tourism and Hospitality Association (SALTHA) conference at Spier. The Imbizo was held in co-operation with the Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol Use (ARA). The Imbizo is a platform for tavern owners and role players to discuss issues of responsible alcohol selling, liquor licensing and problems of alcohol abuse.

The mayor welcomed participants to the Imbizo taking place in the heart of the Cape Winelands: considered to be the capital of the South African wine industry with more than 60 estates operating in this leading centre for viticulture and viticulture research. He further added that the wine industry added to this buoyant regional and national sector of the economy but also stressed the importance of the shared responsibility of all stakeholders in education, information sharing and character leadership.

Stakeholders who were in discussion and presentation sessions were Dr Osborn Mahanjana (ARA CEO), Mr Churchill Mrasi (SALTHA President), Mrs Leana Olivier (FARR CEO, Foundation for Alcohol Related Research), Lieutenant-General Arno Lamoer (SAPS Police Commissioner), Ms Masechaba Sefulano (|Programme Director, SALTHA), Mongezi Memani (Nafcoc Western Cape (National African Federated Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Monga Phaladi (Saltha Secretary General), Philip Prinsloo (WC Liquor Board) and Cllr Siyabulela Mamkeli (MMC City of Cape Town).

The main focus for discussion was the promotion of responsible selling and consumption of alcohol. It was highlighted that tavern owners play an important role in communities and share in the responsibility of responsible retailing and can play a significant role in curbing alcohol abuse in communities. Stakeholders also agreed that awareness about responsible drinking and selling of liquor was a shared responsibility and that with co-operation, communication and information sharing safety of lives, places and movement can be ensured.

A pledge was signed with 200 licenced tavern owners from the Western Cape to abide by the Code of Practice drafted by the Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol Use (ARA). The code promotes the responsible sale of alcoholic beverages by encouraging taverners to refuse the sale of alcohol to underage minors, pregnant women and patrons already visibly intoxicated.

Burgermeester skuif raadslede se portefeuljes

Die uitvoerende burgermeester van Stellenbosch Munisipaliteit, Conrad Sidego het veranderinge bekend gemaak aan sy Burgermeersterskomittee.

Die veranderinge is die volgende:

  • Raadslid Nyaniso Jindela wat voorheen plaaslike Ekonomiese Ontwikkeling, Toerisme en Landbou hanteer het, sal nou die portefeulje Finansiële Dienste behartig.

  • Raadslid Sophie Louw (voorheen Korporatiewe Sake en Strategiese Dienste) sal nou die portefeulje Plaaslike Ekonomiese Ontwikkeling, Toerisme en Landbou behartig.

  • Raadslid Martin Smuts (voorheen Finansiële Dienste) sal nou die portefeulje Korporatiewe Sake en Strategiese Diense behartig.

  • Raadslid Donovan Joubert is ‘n nuwe lid in die Burgermeesterskomittee waar hy na Inginieursdienste sal omsien. Hy neem die portefeulje by raadsheer Dawid Botha oor.

Burgermeesterskomitee met portefeuljes sien dus as volg daarna uit



Aldridge Frazenburg


Valerie Fernandez

Geïntegreërde Menslike Nedersettings en Eiendomsbestuur

Nyaniso Jindela

Finansiële Dienste

Sophie Louw

Plaaslike Ekonomiese Ontwikkeling, Toerisme, Landbou

Pietman Retief

Sport, Kultuur en Fasiliteite

Johanna Serdyn

Department Beplanning en Omgewingsake

Quintin Smit

Wetstoepassing en Openbare Beskerming

Martin Smuts

Korporatiewe Sake en Strategiese Dienste

Donovan Joubert



Burgermeester vereer karakterleierskap by St Vincent Skool in Koelenhof

Die uitvoerende burgermeester van Stellenbosch, Conrad Sidego het Dinsdag, 27 Januarie 2015 besoek afgele aan Saint Vincent laerskool in Koelenhof, Stellenbosch. Dit was ‘n besonderse vieringsdag vir die skool vir twee redes, eerstens het die priesters die skool se nuwe fasiliteite ingeseën vir die skool wat deur die gemeenskap ondersteun is. Tweedens, is sertifikate deur die burgermeester oorhandig aan meer as 20 personneellede wat die karakterleierskapskurses voltooi het.

Die kurses is ‘n samewerkingsprojek tussen die Stellenbosch Burgermeester, Stellenbosch Munisipaliteit en Dr Jeannette Luttig de Klerk van die Universiteit van Stellenbosch se Kantoor van Morele Leierskap wat die kurses aangebied het. Dr Jeannette Luttig de Klerk bied die kurses aan in ‘n reeks skole in Stellenbosch. Die fokus van die kurses is om gemeenskapleiers op te lei in die filosofie en eienskappe wat karakterleierskap verteenwoordig. Karakterleierskap is essensieël vir ‘n gemeenskap om te floreër en word verteenwoordig en uitgebou deur leierskap wat waardes en eienskappe uitleef soos integriteit, respek en verantwoordelikheid sowel as leer in hul gemeenskap.

Vir meer inligting kontak Dr J Luttig-de Klerk by die Sentrum vir Morele Leierskap by die US.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The annual grape harvest parade of the 2015 Stellenbosch Wine Festival takes place Saturday, 24 January in Stellenbosch. The Mayor of Stellenbosch invites all visitors and residents to the harvest when he joins Saturday in the blessing of the harvest at the Stellenbosch Municipality Town Hall at 10:00am.

All things grape will form part of the harvest as marching bands, Cape minstrels, drum majorettes as well as decorated tractors and trucks from participating wineries meander their way through the oak-lined streets of the historic winelands town of Stellenbosch.

The parade celebrates the essence of the winelands and captures the harvest in a colourful and vibrant procession. It pays homage to the thousands of men and women, who are responsible for sustaining the wine industry in Stellenbosch and surrounds. At the same time, the parade marks the annual harvest that will again yield the wonderful and award-winning wines responsible for making Stellenbosch a world-renowned wine producing area.

The parade starts at Paul Roos Gimnasium school round 09h15 and makes its way to the iconic Town Hall in Plein Street where the official blessing of the harvest will take place at 10h00.

For more information, visit

Mayor Opens Groendal Indoor Sports Centre

The Hope Through Action centre opened in Groendal, Franschhoek on Thursday, 15 January 2015. This Franschhoek Valley Community Sports Centre and Early Learning Centre was formally opened by the executive mayor of Stellenbosch, Conrad Sidego, the premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille and the British High Commissioner to South Africa, Ms Judith MacGregor.

This centre has made the dream of changing lives and bringing hope for disadvantaged youth a reality through the construction of this new indoor community sport centre. The mayor described the centre as a ‘cathedral of dreams’, a place whereby with sports and life skills training individuals can realise their dreams.

Caption: Premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille and Executive Mayor of Stellenbosch, Conrad Sidego Mayor and Premier participating in the zumba dance with youth zumba group at the opening of the Franschhoek Valley Community Sports Centre in Groendal.

The centre was built by Hope Through Action, a charity registered in South Africa and in the United Kingdom as well as Power Construction who was involved in the construction and Lyners Consulting who did the project management. The centre includes a synthetic multi-sport pitch which is a FIFA standard 3G pitch, meaning a third generation pitch where the synthethic carpet is laid onto various bases, from the top-specification ‘engineered system’, consisting of stone base, porous tarmac layer and shockpad. The facility also includes training rooms, showers, meeting rooms and spectator seating for 300 people. Various sports will be accommodated at the centre such as handball, netball, cricket, volleyball, rugby, zumba dancing and soccer. The engineering of the pitch makes it one of the best in the municipality and the area and of world-class standard.

The centre will provide unique opportunities to the youth and will help fulfil their potential and skills, the premier, Mrs Helen Zille highlighted in her address. She also stated the central importance of sport in the development of a person within a social and group context. She commended the Hope Through Action movement for this development in the Franschhoek community and area and indicated that government, private sector and NGO’s such as Hope Through Action should partner to make this successful model ‘n role player for duplication in all areas in the province.

The centre was funded by Hope Through Action, a charity in SA and the UK which assists disadvantaged youth to develop life skills such as through sport. The opening was hosted by Mr Philip Green, Patron of Hope Through Action and Mrs Judy Green, Patron of Hope Through Action.

The development of the skills is done in a very holistic way, for the focus is not just on sport but also encompass the intellectual, sychological, mental and spiritual well-being and development, Phil Bland, Chair of the Hope Through Action indicated. The benefits to the community are numerous not just from an educational and sport perspective but the facility adds to initiatives to get the youth of the street, committed to sport and to improve their health and lives by making responsible and informed decisions. The impact is a positive difference in the lives of residents in the valley, young and old.

The opening programme also included inspiring talks by community leaders and the youth; sports demonstrations by young people, a zumba demonstration with active participation by VIPS and especially the executive mayor of Stellenbosch, Conrad Sidego and the premier of the Western Cape, Mrs Helen Zille. The VIP group toured the facility and unveiled plaques in the sports centre and in the early learning centre.

Other VIPs attended were councillor Aldridge Frazenburg, MayCo member of Stellenbosch Municipality, Mr Graham Power, CEO of Power Construction, Mr Fred Laker, Project Manager, Lyners Consulting, Mr Stafan Howelss, CEO of SCORE, Mr D Gurr, Trustee of the Kusasa Project, Mr J MacGregor, husband of the British High Commissioner and Mr Phil Bland, Chair of Hope Through Action.



Due to the excessive heat during this time of the year a very high demand regarding the availability of water in Franschhoek is experienced.

While water supply should remain available, poor pressure will be experienced in certain areas. Availability may therefore be limited at times.

You are kindly reminded that the attached water conservation measures are still applicable throughout the area. It is therefore imperative that the community applies the water conservation measures.

Non adherence to the request to conserve water, will necessitate the Municipality to prohibit all irrigation activities.

You are therefore kindly requested to limit all irrigation activities and watering of gardens to an absolute minimum and to adhere the attached conservation measures.

Any enquiries can be directed to 021 808 8209.

Thank you for you co-operation.


1. The use of potable water distributed by Council used for watering gardens, lawns, parks and public open spaces is restricted as follows:

Watering of gardens, etc. may take place between 05:00 – 10:00 and 16:00 – 22:00 on alternative days.

• Gardens at houses with odd street numbers may be watered on odd calendar days.

• Gardens at houses with even street numbers may be watered on even calendar days.

• No gardens may be watered on two consecutive days.

2. The use of potable water distributed by Council used for watering gardens, lawns, parks and public open spaces is prohibited between the hours of 10:00 and 16:00 and 22:00 and 05:00.

3. The use of hosepipes connected directly or indirectly to Council’s distribution system for the purpose of washing or rinsing motor vehicles, motor cycles or motor boats, movable or immovable structures, paths, pavements and paved areas (regardless of the nature of the material used for paving such areas), is prohibited.

4. All automatic-flushing urinals shall be turned off in all buildings during times when such buildings are normally vacated by the public and/or staff other than cleaning staff. Attention is also drawn to Provincial Gazette Extraordinary Number 5014 (1996) which prohibits the use of automatic flushing urinals.

5. The restrictions referred to in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 only, shall not apply:

a) For the purpose of watering plants in nurseries that are conducted as a business, nurseries owned by the Council or State, collections maintained for research purposes, dune rehabilitation projects, cricket pitches, bowling greens, golf greens, croquet lawns, artificial turf fields and major sports stadia. The use of boreholes must be utilized as much as possible.

b) For the washing of certain paved areas at abattoirs, premises used for the processing of foods and to car valet services;

c) Where special exemptions have been granted in writing by Stellenbosch Municipality; and

d) Where other sources of non-potable water are used and a notice indicating the source is erected in a position clearly visible from a public thoroughfare e.g “Borehole Water Used”.


Vanweë die uitsonderlike hitte gedurende hierdie tyd van die jaar word daar ‘n hoë druk op die beskikbaarheid van water in Franschhoek ervaar.

Alhoewel water beskikbaar behoort te wees, sal swak toevoer in sekere gebiede ondervind word. Beskikbaarheid mag dus beperk wees by tye.

U word weereens herinner dat aangehegte waterbesparingsmaatreëls steeds van toepassing is in die hele gebied. Dit is dus noodsaaklik dat die gemeenskap die waterbesparingsmaatreëls toepas.

Versuim om gehoor te gee aan die versoek om water te bespaar, sal die Munisipaliteit noodsaak om ‘n algehele verbod op enige vorm van besproeiing in te stel.

U word derhalwe vriendelik versoek om alle besproeiing en natlei van tuine tot ‘n absolute minimum te beperk en streng by die aangehegte maatreëls te hou.

Vir enige navrae skakel asseblief 021 808 8209.

U word byvoorbaat bedank vir u samewerking


1. Die gebruik van drinkbare water, soos deur die Raad versprei, vir die natlei van tuine, grasperke, parke en openbare areas word soos volg beperk:

Tuine ensovoorts mag al om die ander dag tussen 05:00 – 10:00 en tussen 16:00 en 22:00 natgelei word.

• Tuine by huise met onewe straatnommers mag op onewe kalenderdae natgelei word.

• Tuine by huise met ewe straatnommers mag op ewe kalenderdae natgelei word.

• Geen tuin mag op twee agtereenvolgende dae natgelei word nie

2. Die gebruik van drinkbare water, soos deur die Raad versprei, vir die natlei van tuine, grasperke, parke en openbare areas is tussen 10:00 en 16:00 en 22:00 en 05:00 verbode.

3. Die gebruik van spuitslange wat direk of indirek aan die Raad se verspreidingstelsel gekoppel is, is verbode vir die was of afspoel van motorvoertuie, motorfietse of motorbote, los of vaste strukture, paadjies, sypaadjies en geplaveide areas (ongeag die aard van die material wat vir die plavei van sodanige areas gebruik is).

4. Alle urinale wat outomaties spoel, moet afgeskakel word in alle geboue wanneer sodanige geboue gewoonlik deur die publiek en/of personeel buiten skoonmakers ontruim word. U aandag word ook op Buitengewone Provinsiale Koerant Nommer 5014 (1996) gevestig, wat die gebruik van urinale wat outomaties spoel, verbied.

5. Die beperkings waarna in paragrawe 1, 2 en 3 verwys word, sal nie van toepassing wees:

a) Op die natlei van plante in kwekerye wat as sakeondernemings bedryf word, kwekerye wat deur die Raad of Staat besit word, versamelings wat vir navorsingdoeleindes onderhou word, duinrehabilitasieprojekte, krieketvelde, rolbalvelde, gholfsetperke, kunsgras-velde en belangrike sportstadions nie. Boorgate moet sover moontlik gebruik word;

b) Op die was van sekere geplaveide areas by abattoirs, persele wat vir die verwerking van kos gebruik word, en op motorskoonmaakdienste nie;

c) Waar spesiale vrystellings skriftelik deur die Munisipaliteit Stellenbosch toegestaan is nie; en

d) Waar ander bronne van ondrinkbare water gebruik word en ‘n kennisgewing wat die bron aandui, bv “Boorgatwater word gebruik”, in ‘n posisie opgerig is wat duidelik van ‘n openbare deurgang sigbaar is nie.

Indoor Community Sport Centre to open in Franschhoek this week

The executive Mayor, Conrad Sidego will attend the opening of the Hope through Action Centre in Groendal, Franschhoek on the 15th of January 2015. This centre has made the dream of changing lives and bringing hope for disadvantaged youth a reality through the construction of this new indoor community sport centre.

The centre will include a synthetic multi-sport pitch, training rooms and spectator seating. Various sports will be accommodated at the centre such as netball, cricket, volleyball and soccer. A similar centre is also operated in Mbekweni Paarl.

The centre was funded by Hope Through Action, a charity in SA and the UK which assists disadvantaged youth to develop life skills such as through sport.

Contact Phil Bland for further information

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Well Done Matrics of 2014

The mayor of Stellenbosch Municipality, Conrad Sidego, congratulates all matriculants on the results and wish them well for the future.

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